About this blog . . . and how it's supposed to work

About this blog I started it because Belle told me I should - for some accountability in my attempt to lay off the booze, to the people I care about, and who care about me. So if you want follow along, you're welcome - and if you want to start at the beginning, click on the Archive button to the right, so you can begin at Day 1. This really is my daily diary, so it has a lot of stuff not obviously connected with not drinking, but my life's too short to keep multiple diaries going. And it's an account of my whole journey, not just gritting my teeth and not drinking. As Belle's blog says, I'm here because I'm tired of thinking about (not) drinking - my life is about more than that. Navigation My latest entries appear on this first page. If you want to read the blog in order, from the beginning, click on the Archive button, and select October 8, then scroll down to find Day 1 & 2. Read it, or not, as you like. Then hit the back arrow and scroll down to r

Day One, Year Zero - August 20, 2021

Election Day USA 2020

Thursday 17 September Day 141

Friday 18 September Day 142

Saturday 15 August Day 108

Sunday 12 July, 2020 Day 74

Friday 22 May Day 23

Saturday 9 May Day 10